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Summary: Allen and Link walk home late one Christmas Eve, and Allen has something to say. Written for [ profile] 31_days.
Prompt: Lighted streets, distant stars, brilliant snow (December 25)
Note: [ profile] terryh_nyan has translated this fic into Italian here. As always, thank you!

Lighted Streets )

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Summary: Like a spider, like a god, Rhode will make the paths that save her family.
Prompt: 05. Abyss
Disclaimer: The D.Gray-man series and characters don't belong to me.

Spinning Paths )
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Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Summary: Shortly before his death, Zoisite reflects on a failure.
Written: 11/24/2002 This is probably the earliest fic of mine that you'll ever see, because the ones written before this are either so bad they fill me with shame or just incredibly weird.
Warnings: Minor injuries and villain angst. PG-13?

Darkness All Around )


Feb. 15th, 2009 01:00 am
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Summary: Link investigates Allen’s sock drawer, and donut-related accusations are made.
Disclaimer: The D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.
Note: This story has also been translated into Italian by [ profile] terryh_nyan. Her translation can be found here. That post has been taken down, and the Italian version is now here. Thank you, [ profile] terryh_nyan, you're amazing!

Caramel )


Sep. 5th, 2008 08:47 am
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Summary: If only the Earl had never learned Jasdero and Devit's names.
Prompt: 026. Secret
Disclaimer: The D. Gray-man series and characters don't belong to me.

Names )
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Title: The End of the World
Summary: Akio's fallen state is both a problem and a solution.
Notes: Written for [community profile] 31_days

The End of the World )
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Title: Ending the World
Summary: Jasdero and Devit are stronger now.
Notes: Written for [community profile] 31_days

Ending the World )
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Series: Please Save My Earth (Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte)
Summary: A brief treatise examining the many reasons why nothing was Hiiragi's fault. Slight Twelve Kingdom crossover hints.
Written: 11/15/2007
Disclaimer: Please Save My Earth (PSME) AKA Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte (Bokutama) and associated characters do not belong to me.

Notes: I wrote this spontaneously in a DA comment. It was written in large part for Wafuru, the one other member of our Daisuke Dobashi AKA Hiiragi fanclub.

Black Market )
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Summary: Devit was never alone.
Prompt 016. Solitude
Disclaimer: D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

The Price of Solitude )
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Summary: Jasdero knew what the letters on his forehead meant.
Prompt: Unreciprocated
Disclaimer: D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

The Heart of the Agreement )


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