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Summary: Allen and Link walk home late one Christmas Eve, and Allen has something to say. Written for [ profile] 31_days.
Prompt: Lighted streets, distant stars, brilliant snow (December 25)
Note: [ profile] terryh_nyan has translated this fic into Italian here. As always, thank you!

Lighted Streets )

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Summary: Five months is not an anniversary, and Link finds himself protective of Allen in more ways than necessary. Light Link/Allen/Link.
Written: November 2009
Notes: A fic I originally wrote for the kinkmeme a year ago. Now heavily revised and posted here. Fluff, not smut. No warnings.

In Disarray )
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Summary: It’s almost Christmas, and Doug and Lavi have an evening together. This time, Lavi will look at him… Pure fluff.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] leafyaki for [profile] dgray_exchange.
Disclaimer: The D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

Interlude, With Snow )


May. 29th, 2009 08:41 am
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Summary: Jasdero and Devit seem to have broken the Ark--leaving them no choice but to flee.
Prompt: 046. Enigma
Disclaimer: D. Gray-man and its characters don't belong to me.

Orrery )
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Summary: The Earl's forcing me and Jasdero to learn to fucking ballroom dance. How did we not escape this one?
Prompt: 037. Hell
Warnings: Language. A lot of it. Since I rewrote this to change it from third person to first person, it acquired twenty times the profanity. Other than that, nothing to warn for.
Disclaimer: The D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

The One Good Dance )
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Summary: The Earl gives five hard-working Noahs the opportunity to vacation at a lake. Everyone is set to enjoy themselves in their own ways--until Jasdero and Devit learn that Rhode can't swim.
Prompt: 08. Holiday
Notes: Like the first fic I posted here, this was written for [ profile] seylyn for the DGray Gift Exchange. It's made of cuteness and fluff. I love you, Seylyn! Thank you for the drawings you've given me--I treasure them all.

A Summer Holiday )
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Summary: Spirits are high as the twins take to their roles as the proud owners of a pet chicken. Tiki is not so pleased.
Prompt: 002. Bounce
Disclaimer: The D.Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

The Joy of Pets )
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Summary: Tiki begins to miss the other half of his double life, especially now that Devit and Jasdero are clamoring for him to quit smoking.
Prompt: 032. Variety
Disclaimer: D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

The Comfort of the Familiar )


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