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Summary: Jasdero and Devit have awakened as Noahs, but still struggle to discover their new strength, just when they've been found by two men from the Order and sentenced to die as monsters.
Prompt: 49. Collapse
Warnings: R for violence.

Waking in Midwinter )
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Summary: Spirits are high as the twins take to their roles as the proud owners of a pet chicken. Tiki is not so pleased.
Prompt: 002. Bounce
Disclaimer: The D.Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

The Joy of Pets )
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Summary: The members of the Noah family attempt to recover after the disastrous battles on the old Ark. They lost so many things there, and Tiki still isn't waking up...
Disclaimer: I don't own the D. Grayman series or characters.

Seven Days of Things Lost )
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Summary: Thanks to Linali, the Noah Clan discovers their secret weakness.
Prompt: 038. Encounter
Warning: If you object to Noahs being beaten with crutches, don't read this fanfic.

The Strange Adventures of a Girl with a Crutch )
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Summary: Ohtori Academy's only piano goes missing, and Utena vows to find it for Anthy's sake.
Written: late 2002/early 2003
Disclaimer: Shoujo Kakumei Utena and associated characters (c) Be-Papas etc.

Sunlit Idiocy )


Mar. 27th, 2008 12:00 pm
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Summary: Rhode sends the twins on a mission to go eat pie, little knowing that she has just sent them to a shop called Leverrier’s Bakery and Heresy Investigation Bureau.
Prompt: 025. Facade
Disclaimer: D. Gray-man series and characters do not belong to me.

Facade )


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