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Here's a masterlist of all the fics I've posted to this account.

With two exceptions, all of these are one-shots under 10K words. All fics rated R or above are marked. Similarly, these are genfics unless the summary states otherwise. None of these series or characters belong to me.

May contain assorted badly drawn sketches.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Revolutionary Girl Utena

NEW So Time Has Told
Long ago, a princess wandered into a witch's lair and came out again with a secret. May resemble Around and Around; there may be many revolutions before the wheel advances.

Around and Around
When Utena's prince came to her and told her she was worthy of following him on his journey, she was delighted. But something isn't right...

The End of the World
Akio's newly fallen state is both a problem and a solution.

Out of Place
It would have been like Kanae's own fairy tale, except for her fiance's odd sister.

Ohtori is a haven for its students, and none but Anthy realizes what this means.

Sunlit Idiocy
Ohtori Academy's only piano goes missing, and Utena vows to find it for Anthy's sake.

D. Gray-man

Featuring the Noah Clan, a handful of freakish individuals trying to wipe the rest of humanity off the face of the earth

Chickenthieves: A Biography
The startling origins of Jasdero and Devit, Amish boys raised by chickens, are at last revealed in these pages.

Waking in Midwinter (R)
This was when Jasdero and Devit awoke as Noahs, and were captured and called monsters and threatened with death, when they knew it was the world that must be destroyed.

Jasdero thinks long and hard (in a Jasdero sort of way) about the scars he and Devit bear.

Forgotten Birthdays
New arrivals in the family of Noah, Jasdero and Devit try to calculate their birthday. And why is Rhode in such a bad mood?

The Heart of the Agreement
The Noah Clan, to Jasdero: finally they’ve come home.

The Price of Solitude
The Noah Clan, to Devit: this is the right kind of solitude.

The twins are eager for their first real mission—little knowing how the bakery that is their destination is named Leverrier’s Bakery and Heresy Investigation Bureau, and how that server Howard is a real jerk.

Spinning Paths
The Noah Clan, to Rhode: she will pull the strings to let them get through this. Because she is like a god, but not so unlike humans.

Ending the World
Jasdero and Devit are strong enough to do that now. This is why.

When the twins quite possibly threw the entire space-time continuum off balance, requiring them to run away from the Earl. With Tiki’s collection of filthy silver buttons, which he’d kind of like back.

The One Good Dance
Devit fucking hates learning to dance the pavane. He hates those damn demon centipedes, too. Oh, and Tiki sucks.

If only the Earl had never learned Jasdero and Devit’s real names.

A Summer Holiday
Which is relaxing enough until the others learn Rhode can’t swim.

By Candlelight
Devit relies on Rhode’s romantic advice and becomes determined to communicate his crush on Tiki by stabbing him in the eye. This is sure to go well.

Saint Valentine’s Eve
A question of divinity is raised during a quiet Noah family gathering, but Rhode knows the answer. She knows all the answers.

The Comfort of the Familiar
To return to a life of labor, or shove annoying twins into the carp pond? Tiki has a dilemma.

Free will’s a bit hard to manage when you’re an Akuma like Sachiko. As Rhode overhears her conversation with Kawamura, she’s not so keen on it herself.

In a Grave
A murder has been committed, and the testimonies of the suspects conflict with each other, leaving the identity of the guilty party unclear. However, the Earl has a strong suspicion that most parties are guilty of something.

Rhode pays her favorite Exorcist a visit in his room and hers. He’s less than thrilled.

The Rise of the House of Camelot
Sherril puts the newfound technology of film to good use creating an epic movie spanning half a dozen genres and starring his own dear, darling, beloved family. Now the only question is whether they’ll willingly participate in the second half.

Who knew ribbons were so important? They aren’t, really, but some things are. Rhode offers Jasdero a trade, insistently.

Allen’s button goes missing, and Rhode wants it back. Sanity also goes missing, and may or may not come back.

The Joy of Pets
Jasdero and Devit joyfully welcome their pet chicken into the household. Tiki would rather have it for dinner. The Earl would rather have chicken coops not constructed indoors at five a.m.

The Strange Adventures of a Girl with a Crutch
Thanks to Linalee, the members of the Noah Clan discover their secret weakness. Well, they almost discover it.

Seven Days of Things Lost
After the disastrous battle on the Ark, the members of the Noah Clan are trying to recuperate. Skinn is dead. Tiki won’t wake up. Rhode blames herself. And the twins fear what else they might lose.

It’s still not long since that battle on the Ark. Tiki’s been drinking alone at midnight, and Devit’s not gonna stand for it. Especially when he has a few worries of his own.

Featuring Howard Link and other members of Crow, maladjusted child soldiers and sometimes investigators of heresy/bakers of pie
And often involving Allen Walker, pierrot Jesus and part-time traitor Noah

Note: If you want me to unlock f-locked fics so you can read them, please PM me or leave a comment--you don't have to friend this account. However, please don't ask me to unlock the R18 fic if you're under 18.

Fledglings (R) Wordcount: 26K
Just as Yuu Kanda has started to cope with his painful life in the Asian Branch's research facility, he and Alma receive unexpected visitors: the four young Crow trainees Link, Madarao, Tevak, and Tokusa. Alma is eager to make friends, and Yuu is pretty sure he hates them. Manipulated by authorities and placed in circumstances beyond their control, will they manage to connect with each other?

The Miraculous and Edifying Life of Saint Tokusa
One day not long before Christmas, Tokusa regales his fellow Crows with a remarkable tale of a wandering saint who performs miracles and is not necessarily named Tokusa. They are not impressed, despite the appearance in his tale of individuals who happen to resemble themselves.

In Hope for Another Time (R18) (f-locked)
Sometimes Link thinks that he would rather have sex with Madarao than kill people. His is a bleak life. Madarao/Link, obviously.

Italian version, translated by [ profile] terryh_nyan
It was high time for Link to investigate Walker’s sock drawer, as evidenced by the half-eaten donut hidden therein.

NEW Love is the Plan the Plan is Cake
Howard Link takes on the forces of entropy and chaos with a very thorough plan. A plan too thorough for Allen, whom it concerns.

I Have Tasted the Fire
Allen and Link take a vacation down the hall, by the fireplace, but it’s still too cold. In which Link is a depressing conversation partner.

In Disarray
Link starts to realize he's becoming overprotective, or, in other words, "Get your damn dirty hands off my Exorcist." Light Link/Allen/Link.

Cutting it Closer
Italian version, translated by [ profile] terryh_nyan
If only Walker could survive, despite everything, long enough to grow his hair as long as Link’s, or longer. Not that Link cares. Much.

Lighted Streets
Italian version, translated by [ profile] terryh_nyan
It's Christmas Eve verging on Christmas, and Allen is grateful for something, or possibly someone, even if they are a heresy inspector with a tendency to lecture.

Featuring those Exorcist people, who seem to be the main characters or something
As well as awesome Asian Branch scientists and overlooked Finders

Interlude, With Snow
Doug takes a short reprieve from his busy Finder life to spend a December evening with Lavi, the Exorcist with the attachment issues. Life is nasty, brutish, and short, but at least you can have hot chocolate with a friend first.

The Origins of Bak
As the Chang Clan guardian, Fou has been charged with an onerous duty: explaining to the twenty-something Bak where babies come from.

Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
Please Save My Earth

Black Market
A search for a market painted black, and an examination of how nothing that went disastrously wrong on the Moon Base was Hiiragi’s fault. The official fic of the Daisuke Dobashi fan club! Contains slight crossover mentions of Twelve Kingdoms.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Darkness All Around
Zoisite reflects on a failure during a touching bandaging scene with Kunzite.

Gekkakajin Lumen Lunae

Ad Infinitum (R) Wordcount: 21K
Aika dons leather and declares war on the demon realm. Hisanagi escapes his imprisonment at Lord Kaiga’s hands to reunite with and perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on his beloved Kai. Meanwhile, Kiryuu and Kaiga have concocted an plan that will lift Kaiga’s evil to new heights. Loyal minions Shizukuishi and Hiren star in a romance novel while hunting down the traitors and fugitives, and not-so-loyal minions Sakumo and Kikuitadaki plan an extended vacation in the human realm away from Kaiga. The sexy Baisetsu hunts down medical help for Kouro, and the not-so-sexy Amenomori dreams of getting it on with Sakumo as he’s drawn into schemes at the palace. It’s going to be a long day.

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