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I promised [ profile] rasshield that I'd compile a list of good Noah Clan genfic. Since a couple other people on my f-list also expressed interest, I'm going to post my recs here.

It's the Noah Clan, so some fics contain violence. There may be references to pairings and sexual themes, but with perhaps one exception, they aren't the focus of these fics. Also, these are all one-shots.

Most Recommended
Down Came a Blackbird by [ profile] surelyyoujest
Character(s): Jasdero and Devit (female)
Comments: To me, this is the definitive Jasdevi origin story. Posted not long after the twins appeared in the manga, there was general confusion over their sex, so they're actually French girls. I hate female!Noahtwins, but this fic was so damn awesome I didn't care--and it doesn't hurt that it reminds me of Tanith Lee novels and/or Kaori Yuuki manga, which also contain strong themes of darkness, insanity, and genderbending.

Centuries Before I Come to Where You Are by [ profile] shadowsinfire
Character(s): Rhode Camelot
Comments: Rhode through the centuries. The only thing I can say about this fic is WOW.

Trust by Momosportif
Character(s): Jasdero and Devit
Comments: A sweet and funny fic about the strength and weakness in the bonds between the twins.

Eve and Her Adam by OhMyRaito
Character(s): Rhode/Allen
Comments: "Rhode is made of dreams. Allen is humanity."

More Excellent Fics

In no particular order.

Fear by [ profile] empath_eia
Character(s): Rhode and Tyki, plus Allen and Linali
Comment(s): Rhode confronts Allen's newfound ability to "save" them. [ profile] empath_eia is an excellent writer--in fact, this whole comm is worth exploring for quality fic about a variety of characters.

Without You by [ profile] nagaina_ryuuoh
Character(s): Tyki, Rhode, and Eaze
Comments: Rhode takes drastic measures to return Tyki to his normal self after the battle on the Ark.

The Resolution of a Delusional Hair Fetish: A Noah Clan Domestic Melodrama
by [ profile] nagaina_ryuuoh
Character(s): Tyki, Cyril, and Rhode
Comment(s): Tyki's new hairstyle is not exactly his fault. A dryly humorous fic by another excellent writer.

To the Glorious Dead by [ profile] arahyacinth
Character(s): Noah Clan
Comment(s): A drabble in which the Noah Clan members react to Skinn's death.

25 Noah Christmas Drabbles by [ profile] murdering
Character(s): Noah Clan
Comment(s): In December 2007, [ profile] murdering performed the impressive feat of writing 25 Christmas-themed drabbles in 25 days. These sweet, family-themed fics are worth exploring.

Gardens by [ profile] murdering
Character(s): Rhode and Tyki
Comments: Tyki tells Rhode what will happen if, somehow, they lose the war. An atmospheric and heart-tuggingly sweet fic.

Early Sunday Morning by [ profile] enough_space
Character(s): Devit and Jasdero
Comments: A short, intense Noah-awakening fic with a strong Devit voice.

Perfect World by [ profile] haverstock
Character(s): Devit and Jasdero
Comments: What the title says. A drabble.

Mystery House by [ profile] sophiap
Character(s): Rhode
Comments: Rhode loves to visit her real mother. A creepy character study with a nice historical connection.

Memories by [ profile] artificialluck
Character(s): Skinn
Comments: A Skinn origin story! Well-written and sympathetic to this underloved character.

The Midnight Bell by [ profile] are_late
Character(s): Lulu and Rhode
Comments: A lovely, atmospheric Lulu awakening fic.

The Dreams of Tyki Mikk by [ profile] stagemystic
Character(s): Tyki and Rhode
Comments: A great character study in which the Noahs do not dream, and Tyki tries to cope with the impending insanity this brings.

Woman by [ profile] mittens_220
Character(s): Tricia
Comments: Tricia considers her peaceful life with her extended family. So she's not technically a Noah, but oh my God, someone wrote a fic about Tricia Camelot!

Fifty Says the Rooster Wins by resplendentSILVER
Character(s): Noah Clan
Comments: Several members of the Noah Clan are privileged to witness a very unusual battle. I just discovered this while trawling for loved Noah fics on Most of the above recs are serious, but I'm a huge fan of funny one-shots with lines that crack me up, and this qualifies.

There were a couple Noah Clan fics I loved, but couldn't find. It's possible the links were taken down, but if anyone happens to know where they are, do let me know.

-There was an older fic about the dreams of the different characters that I wanted to include under "Most Recommended," but I couldn't turn it up.

-There was a funny fic on remember it because the description was along the lines of "Jasdero is pregnant!?" to which my reaction was "NOOOooOOO!" but it turned out to be a sweet humorfic involving Jasdero bringing home the chicken.

-[ profile] rasshield asked for genfic recs, and my recs consist of 95% genfic anyway, but there was this one hot Tyki/Devit fic (NC-17) by [ profile] allira_dream I would have recced as well. Unfortunately, it's been taken down.

I would make a rec post for Howard Link as well, but nearly all the Link fics can be found by selecting the Link tag on [ profile] dgrayman or And there aren't that many to search through to find something you like (unfortunately).

Oh, and if you want to share some of your favorite Noah Clan stories that aren't on this list, I'd love to see them!

ETA: This isn't a Noah Clan fic, but I have one more recommendation.

The Foxhunters by [ profile] birkes
Comments: By my favorite Link writer. It turns out [ profile] birkes didn't take quite all of her fics down after all.

Date: 2010-01-21 10:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
fics to read once I get my internet/comp back into perfect working order <3 thank you for taking the time!~ *hugs*

Date: 2010-01-22 10:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes indeed, and good luck with that!

My pleasure. It's something I've been thinking of doing for awhile, and having various people, including yourself, express interest was enough to make me get around to it.

It would also be a shame for fans to miss out on certain older or obscure fics. The first two fics on this list, especially. I love them so much, and don't hesitate to recommend them.

And I just tracked down a couple other fics to add...Enjoy! :)

Date: 2010-01-23 01:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, my. I can't thank you enough for piling all of these up. And look, my own little fic is listed :D

What a shame that your favorite Link ficwriter took most of her works down, though. I would have loved to read some of those.

Date: 2010-01-23 06:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're welcome!

Your fic has great atmosphere and fits right in. <3 I also noticed I ended up listing some fics with unusual themes, and you created a good origin tale for Lulu. was [ profile] marx/[ profile] birkes. Maybe you saw them back when she posted? I love her writing, and her characterization of Link, Leverrier, and the other characters.

Date: 2010-03-09 11:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I remember stumbling across this one on, and I was just wowed by it. :O

And yes, thank you so much for taking the time to pile all of these up<3
Oh, for wings to fly

Date: 2010-03-11 03:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, thanks for sharing! That was a great fic. *__* Looks like [ profile] empath_eia comes up once more...

No problem, it was time I made a list of worthy fics I enjoyed. I'm glad people kept prompting me to post it.

Date: 2010-03-11 11:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, it is amazingly...detailed. ^ u^;;


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